How to make your own balloon garland

Balloons garlands have been a huge decorative feature on so many parties and events all over Instagram and Pinterest for a few years now, and the trend is still going strong!


These balloon garlands just get bigger and better with amazing hues, colors and finishes of balloons and some pretty intricate shapes too.


Check out below how to make your own!




* Balloons in your choice of sizes and colors

* Strong, transparent fishing line

* scissors

* Balloon pump (manual or electric)




The basic technique is the same whether you're making a small or really long garland, or whether you're using large or small balloons in the same garland. 


In fact, I suggest you DO vary the sizes of the balloon on the same garland to create a more interesting garland!


A balloon garland makes for a perfect backdrop to dessert tables, wedding photo booths, or general party decor.