Light Up Letters to Make your Wedding Memorable


The wedding day is the most beautiful day in any person’s life. The union with your beloved partner is one of the most amazing yet emotional feeling. To make it more beautiful, we all put up wedding decorations to celebrate the occasion.
The heart shape light up letters are stunning! Your initial and your partner’s initials with a heart shape in between is a tremendous décor idea.

Confused about how to use the heart shaped light up letters to make the wedding night memorable? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because we will tell you how you can them.

Depending upon your wedding dinner venue, you can pick a place for your heart shape light up letters. Make sure to color coordinate the color of the letters with the color scheme of the rest of the décor.

Idea 1: Heart shaped light up letters at the entrance

When your guests are going to arrive at the venue, the first thing that they are going to see is the entrance. So, you can put up the heart shaped light up letters at the entrance along with a welcome board for the guests, so they feel greeted.

Idea 2: Make the heart shaped light up letters more exciting by adding flowers

To make the heart shape light up letters more attractive and fancier looking, you can add fake or fresh flowers to the edges of the letters and the heart. Go for white and pink flowers and once the letters light up, they will look stunning! After adding the flowers, you can place the heart shaped light up letters at the entrance or any place that may seem empty.

Idea 3: Make the bride and groom’s dinner table exciting by putting heart shaped light up letters beside it

The wedding dinner is one of the most memorable events from the wedding day because you share toasts and memories with your family and friends. To make the décor of the dinner table more memorable, exciting, and meaningful, you can put heart shaped light up letters beside it.

Idea 4: Notes from the guests!

You can create a table especially for the guests where the guests can write down cute notes for the bride and groom. You can decorate the table with the heart shaped light up letters. You and your guests can even take photos around it. Having this table decorated with the light up letters will allow you to have notes from your loved ones that will bring a smile to your face whenever you will read them in the future.

Idea 5: Heart shaped light up letters as a background for your photos

Every couple wants unique and meaningful photos on their wedding day. The heart shaped light up letters are a perfect prop for your wedding photos. The coolest thing is that you can use them as a background for your photos even in the night-time too. Your friends and family can accompany you in the photos as well.

Idea 6: Heart shaped light up letters as a backdrop for your wedding party

Don’t want to spend money on expensive backdrops on your wedding day? Don’t know what the backdrop of your wedding party will be like? Well, the heart shaped light up letters will definitely make your wedding event beautiful. The light up letters look stunning on their own but by adding some flower walls and fresh flowers to your backdrop along with the light up letters, you will end up with an amazing backdrop that will look expensive but in reality, you will have spend less money as compared to other backdrops.

This is an affordable yet unique décor idea that you and your guests will love. It will add brightness and meaning to the venue. This addition of décor to your venue will definitely be memorable. You will certainly get a lot of questions relating to the light up letters from your guests.

So basically, heart shaped light up letters will look amazing no matter how you add them to your whole wedding décor. You can adjust their placement according to your personal preference.

We hope that your wedding will be beautiful and memorable!